4th International Conference

Smart Insurance

December, 7th 2015

WTC (World Trade Center)


Smart Insurance is Russian implementation of the Pay-As-You-Drive approach. A motorist receives, along with KASKO insurance policy, an electronic unit to be installed in a car that keeps track of the driver’s actions behind the wheel (speeding, hard acceleration and braking, etc) and, depending on his/her accuracy, the motorist receives a discount determined from an insurance tariff.

In Europe Pay-as-you-drive has been implemented since 2002; it is widely used in the USA as well. As the insurers state the results are amazing: the driver, as soon as he is started to be “watched”, becomes more accurate and disciplined.

Furthermore, the automotive telematics have many other useful functions: satellite car alarm or, for example, notifying emergency services.

According to experts, by 2020 over 5 million vehicle owners will be using insurance telematics services in Russia. The drivers, who drive safely and little, will stop sponsoring frauds, road hooligans and dangerous drivers, as well as will save up to 50% on their insurance premiums.

In 2014 a number of Russian insurance companies (Intouch, «Vazhno. Novoe Strahovanie», Uralsib Insurance Company and AlfaInsurance) launched successful pilot projects on Smart Insurance. In particular, they started installing navigation and communication equipment to collect information about insurant driving styles in exchange for discounts and bonuses. Their experience showed that this service was really in demand among motorists.

Today in Russia the important objective of Smart Insurance is to bring the market to unified standards: that means creating a single database on drivers, unifying scoring parameters, choosing interesting business models and many other things.

The goal of the conference is to discuss important issues and proposals for the successful and widespread introduction of smart insurance services in Russia.

The conference will cover examples of international practices of applying telematics systems to Smart Insurance programs, opportunities of their use for enhancing the insurance market efficiency in Russia, as well as analyzed factors restraining the growth of this kind of insurance and ways of solving these problems.

Target Audience:

  • Russian insurance companies providing or considering the opportunity of providing smart insurance services
  • Foreign players of the insurance market having positive experience in providing services of such a market
  • Automobile manufacturers and auto dealers using, in the partnership with insurance companies, these services while selling their products
  • Developers and manufacturers of telematics equipment designed for technical support to smart insurance services provision
  • Developers of software for providing smart insurance services, system integrators
  • Experts in the field of auto insurance, including insurance legislation
  • The conference is a unique open discussion platform for everyone interested and involved in the process of developing this new type of insurance services of companies and organizations.


Alexander Gurko


"Applying Navigation Technologies to Auto Insurance"

Pavel Bunin

General Director Adviser

"Role of the ERA-GLONASS Accident Emergency Response System in Forming the Insurance Telematics Market in Russia"

Andrei Makletsov

Head of the European Protocol
Russian Association of Motor Insurers

"Control Technical Means as a Source of Information while Settling Insured Events under «Unlimited Europrotocol» "

Igor Yamov

Deputy CEO for Retail Business

"UBI Insurance in Russia "

Frederic Bruneteau

Managing Director
PTOLEMUS Consulting Group

"Smart insurance reinventing the auto insurance market - Global trends & outlook"

Alexei Kasatkin

Commercial Director

"Dynamic Model of Evaluating Driver’s Behavior on the Road"

Sergei Irevli

Product Development Director

"MTS In-Vehicle Smart Insurance Solution"

Andrei Kozhenkov

Deputy CEO for Marketing and Communication
Vazhno. Novoe Strakhovanie

"Insurance Telematics: The First Year Preliminary Results of Implementing the Project in Vazhno. Novoe Strahovanie"

Aliya Valiullina

Head of Products Research and Customers Loyalty

"Smart Insurance – Experience in Introducing Telematics-Based Products"

Oleg Soloviev

Deputy CEO for Sales
GC Mega-F

«Smart Insurance or Scher-Khan Universe»

Alexander Nikiforov

Telematics Area Manager
NPO StarLine

"New Prospects of Insurance Programs with StarLine Hardware and Software System"

Pavel Kozlov

Business Development Director

"Advancing Driver Behavior Analytics"

Timur Kuzeev

Deputy CEO for Insurance Telematics
Meta System

"Insurance Telematics and the Practical Use of Scoring in Insurance"

Nikolai Kharitoshkin

Project Manager

"About implementing a pilot project on eco-driving education the Project of UNDP/GEF — Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation «Reducing GHG Emissions from Road Transport in Russia’s Medium-Sized Cities»"

Vadim Alekseev

Chief Engineer
(SpaceTeam Holding)

"Supercompact Terminal for Insurance Telematics with Dead Reckoning Function"

Igor Kheresh

Development Director
T One Group


Peter Khalipov

Deputy CEO
Raxel Telematics

"Insurance Telematics Effectiveness - Expectations and Facts"

Roman Ferster

Head of Mobileye Russia & CIS

"ADAS Mobileye as an Innovative Tool for Mitigating Motor Insurer's Risks and a Full Analysis of Driver's Behavior on the Road"

Roman Lykov

Deputy CEO

"Insurance the Other Way Around"

Grigoriy Sizov

М2М Manager

"World Experience in Apllying IoT to Insurance"


Modern Insurance Telematics Market in Russia and Overseas

  • Insurance Telematics Market: Reality and Forecasts
  • Impact of Operational and Perspective Accident Emergency Reponses Systems (ERA-GLONASS, eCall, CONTRAN 245, others) on Forming the Market of Insurance Telematics
  • Automobile Manufacturers, OEM, Insurance: Effective Interaction Models. Foreign Experience and Russian Realities.
  • International Experience in Successful Insurance Telematics Projects
  • Russian Experience in the Field of Smart Insurance:
    • Russian Insurance Legislation News
    • Role of Russian Association of Motor Insurers in Coordinating Insurance Telematics Activities
    • Insurance Telematics Products and Services Available in the Russian Market
    • Software and Terminal Hardware for Providing Smart Insurance Services
    • Market Development Forecast

Insurance Telematics Development Prospects

  • Directions of the Further Evolution of Smart Insurance
    • From Money Saving to Life Saving
    • Complex Services to Solve Customer’s Accident
    • Integrating Smart Insurance with Real Estate Insurance on a Single Telematics Platform. Creating a Single Set of Insurance Services for a Customer
  • New Opportunities of Insurance Telematics with the Use of IoT (Internet of Things), V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) Technologies
    • Auto Insurer Risk Mitigation with the On-line Monitoring of Car and Driver’s Health Conditions
  • Smartphone and Mobile Apps as a Universal Customer Instrument to Receive Integrated Insurance and Telematics Services
  • Insurance Telematics and Transport Monitoring Systems: General Data and Mutual Interests
    • The Use of a Single Source of On-line Informing – What is needed for this?
    • Driving Style Analysis: an Instrument to Calculate Insurance Risks and an Opportunity to Train Drivers to Drive Safely
    • Remote Car Diagnostics: Everyone is Interested
  • Car Sharing – New Challenge for UBI (Usage Based Insurance): Need in New Approaches and Criteria for Cars with Constantly Changing Drivers.
  • New Opportunities and Usage Risks of Big Data for Smart Insurance
    • New and Perspective Sources of On-line Information
    • Requirements for Smart Insurance Algorithms to Ensure the Interaction with Different Data Sources
    • Risks/Advantages of Automobile Manufacturers in Providing CAN Interface Data to be Used by Insurance Companies to Create More Accurate Scoring Models

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123007, Moscow, 4th Magistralnaya st., 11, build. 2 (the Office Centre “Magistral”)
Phone: +7 (495) 641-57-17



From the metro station 1905 Street

Metro station 1905 Street, last car going from the center of the city.
Exiting the metro station you will see a big building - MK Publisher to the right. You need to go through an underground passage way to reach the building. To the right you will see a big white building, to the lift – a square. Go downhill along 1905 Street to the embankment and the World Trade Center.

From the metro station Vystavochnaya

Getting on a train to the metro station Vystavochnaya, please take the first car of a train going from the center. Use the sign “to the International Business Center, the 1st Krasnogvardeisky Proezd” to exit to the city.
While exiting the metro station you will see Expocentre building. Turn to the left and go to the intersection with the 1st Krasnogvardeisky Proezd. Turn to the right and go straight. Approximately in 800 meters there will be Mantulinskaya Street, turn to it. Not reaching the intersection with 1905 Street there will be a high building of the World Trade Center to the right from you. Form the North: along 1905 Street to the Moscow River, to the right, to Krasnopresnenskaya Naberezhnaya, till the WTC From the South: go along Taras Shevchenko Street to the intersection with Kutuzov Prospect, turn to the right to Novoarbatsky Bridge, after the bridge turn to the left along Krasnopresnenskaya Naberezhnaya, to the WTC.

By car:

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Along the 3d Ring Road: exit to Krasnopresnenskaya Nabereznaya, then to the WTC

Sponsors and partreship

Non-commercial Partnership for Development and Use of Navigation Technologies (GLONASS Union) is the Russian National Navigation Services Provider.
The Partnership was established on 21 May 2012 with the goal of development and adoption of GLONASS technology-based products and services in Russia and abroad. GLONASS Union members are leading Russian companies in telecommunication, IT, and navigation markets: PJSC “VimpelCom”, PJSC “MegaFon“,P JSC “MTS”, PJSC “Rostelecom”, PJSC “Navigation Information Systems”, JSC “Summa Telecom”, JSC “Kronshtadt”, Cesar Satellite Group, Yandex LLC, Association “GLONASS/GNSS Forum”, JSC “Control systems”, Federal state unitary enterprise “ZaschitaInfoTrans” of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Russian Telecom Equipment Company (RTEC), JSC “GLONASS” and JSC “T1 Group”.
The main objectives of the Partnership are integration efforts of the state and navigation business for competitive development and scaling of the Russian navigation market and formation and implementation of a unified technical policy in the field of navigation.
31 December 2014 the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation signed an agreement on the implementation and maintenance of commercial operation of the "ERA-GLONASS" in 2015 with the GLONASS Union.

Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI)
The Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI) is a non-profit organisation that is a consolidated all-Russian professional association founded on the principle of compulsory membership of insurers that exercise obligatory liability insurance of motor vehicle owners. It acts in order to provide interaction of its affiliates and establishment of professional rules of conduct in the implementation of compulsory insurance.

The Association implements its activity in accordance with Federal Law No. 40-FZ of 25 April 2002 «On compulsory insurance of third party liability of motor vehicle owners».

At present, 85 insurance companies are affiliated as full members with RAMI.

Mr Igor Yurgens is President of RAMI, since 2015.

GLONASS/GNSS Forum Association
The GLONASS/GNSS Forum Association unites more than 50 key Russian companies and organisations engaged in GLONASS designers, manufacturers of satellite equipment and applications. GLONASS/GNSS Forum Association coordinates the activites of various categories of company and organisation engaged in design production and commercial use of GLONASS-based equipment and applications.

T-One Group is a Renova Group company developing telematics products and services for individual consumers and corporate clients.

Core competencies:

  • - System for monitoring and control of stationary and mobile objects
  • - Driving safety analysis system
  • - Intelligent transportation systems
  • - Big data
  • - Internet of things

«R-Telematica» – is a company with unique high technology solutions for vehicle insurance, car navigation systems and mapping since 2007. Our clients and partners are insurance and broker's offices, car dealers, security agencies, monitoring companies and corporate parks. Unique model of driver behavior calculation in complex with the well done mapping and deep scientific attitude make it possible to minimize risks of insurances and motor insurers, to raise customer loyalty and to cut expected loss ratio up to 25-30%. Telematics insurance development is our goal! We can provide insurers with detailed analyses of driver behavior for their clients, 24/7 client and technical support, RTA reports, high quality and reasonably priced devices, on-line web portal. Any client can get not only the personal price for their insurance but the possibility to control the vehicle from the distance (in case of evacuation or RTA) and motor error prevention. If user follows mobile applications advices he or she can hold down the risks of car accident up to 30%. For any insurances client there are discounts up to 10% from our partners: refuelling stations, car services, tire shops etc. «Smart insurances» for us firstly is deep analyses of any client driver behavior and calculation of possibility of getting into the car accident for such client.

MIG "Insurance today"
MIG "Insurance today" — the company offers information and PR support of the Russian insurance business through internet portals "Insurance today" and "Catalogue of insurance websites". "Insurance today" is a leading expert and specialized informational and analytical resource for insurance market.

Herald of GLONASS
"Herald of GLONASS" - an innovative integrated comprehensive media platform in the practical use of satellite navigation in various sectors of the economy and human life. The journal "Herald of GLONASS" - the first interdisciplinary journal in the field of practical use of the GLONASS satellite navigation technologies in different sectors of the economy and human life.